International quality standards relate to marine by-products

Proteins from marine by-products

Individuals who are unable to obtain documents that are listed under the References sections may contact RUBIN for advice.

Additional monographs for protein hydrolysates will be developed when such products become commercially available.

Oils from marine by-products

  • Monographs adopted by the European Pharmacopoeia (*)
    • Salmon oil, farmed (Monograph 1910)
    • Cod-liver oil, farmed (Monograph 2390)
    • Cod-liver oil, Type A (Monograph 1192)
    • Cod-liver oil, Type B (Monograph 1193)
    (*)The European Pharmacopoeia may be purchased in book version, on-line version or USB-version via The European Pharmacopoeia is also available at many University libraries.