Project activities

The table gives an overview of prioritised project activities in a long term perspective.

Area Relevant projects 2009-2013

Development of a Norwegian bio marine ingredient industry based on by-products:

  • Co-operation between international market players and Norwegian ingredient industry
  • Structural processes within and across Norwegian ingredient industry and raw material suppliers (Industrial ”Clusters”)
  • Product standards
  • Generic marketing of ingredients
  • Continuance of industrial forum (MARING)
  • International market- and industry analysis
Continuance of DOCMAR; Generic documentation and novel functions of bio marine ingredients meant for functional food, cosmetics, food additives, feed additives, etc. (clinical tests etc.)

Market- and product oriented documentation:

  • Oils from salmon and codfish
  • Protein concentrate
  • Others

Increased export and domestic sale of marine by-products for the consumer market:

  • Further development of BiNor AS (a new sales- and marketing company for consumer by-products)
  • Branding
  • Logistic

Reduction of smell/taste and increased durability for marine ingredients in food articles.

New technology for production of marine ingredients from by-products and further processing of marine ingredients

Improved analyse methodology for protein hydrolysates.

Further development of existing feed ingredients from by-products.

Effective and quality oriented logistic for fresh by-products in the ingredient industry.

By-products as sustainable ingredients in fish feed.


Development of new fishing boats for more efficient handling of by-products (equipment, investments, testing, economy):

  • Quality improvements for fish and by-products when landing whole fish
  • Development of gentle gutting machine for the coastal fleet
OCEAN FLEET Development of a gutting machine for gentle treatment of the viscera
Simplified on board processing of by-products to semi fabricated products
Development of machines for sorting of by-products on board
FISHING INDUSTRY Optimalization of quality aspects for fish and by-products when landing round fish
Mechanical gentle gutting of fish
Development and testing of shared plant for sorting and packing of by-products for human consumption
Development of machines for sorting of by-products
Gelatine and collagen protein from skin and bones of cod fish.
Testing of processes for better utilization of oil and proteins from by-products from pelagic industry.
Utilizations of by-products from the crab industry
Better utilization of roe from pelagic industry.
FISH FARMING Development of effective refrigerated transport of fresh by-products from salmon slaughtering/processing plants
Optimalization of separation process for meat from salmon backbones for production of consumption products.
Drying and utilization of whole salmon blood for pet food.
Extraction of substances from salmon blood
Utilization of liver and other by-products from farmed fish
Technology development for automatic gentle gutting and sorting of by-products from farmed cod.
Documentation of infection risks in dead farmed fish
New applications of dead fish
INFORMATION Information/guidance to the industry, public authorities, R&D institutes, financial institutions, etc. Conferences/exhibitions, web page.
GENERAL Mass flow analysis, economical analysis, alteration of regulations (together with MARING).